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1976 G & S which I purchased new. The board has a few minor dings and is in great shape for its years. I don’t really know what to ask for it so I’m up to offers. Feel free to post comments below. Aloha!

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Kind of off topic post here but this bronze Duke statue is for sale. The statue is 12ft 3 in tall weighing almost a ton. Anyone have any idea of its worth?

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We have a 1966 to 1968 Holden Stringer surfboard and I want to find out how much it is worth. It is in excellent condition. Anyone have any idea about its worth?

-Bruce L.




Please leave comments below if you have any insight. Aloha!

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I recently received a question from a surfer.

What is the retail value of a vintage signed Gerry Lopez lighting bolt surfboard in great condition?




Does anyone have any idea? I know it’s hard to tell without a photo and much details…I”ll see if they can send some over for me to post. I guess it does matter what it’s condition is, if it’s been restored, who shaped it, when, etc. If anyone knows anything please post a comment below. Mahalo.

Updated, just got more information about the board: Attached photos of board. 7′ 6″ yellow lighting nolt. A pure source TM. It is numbered, however resin was attached over number for an ankle strap. Part of the number is visible – 898. Mahalo for your help.

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Q: I have a protruding chicken bone in the middle of my rib cage where the rib cage meets. When I’m surfing, the bone starts hurting from rubbing on the board. Have you ever heard of this before, and do you think that a pad placed chest high on my board would be workable? Thanks, Richard

A: Hey Richard, I’ve never heard of someone having this problem before but I’m sure there are a few options to remedy the situation and get you to surf pain free. I guess the easiest and quickest way to solve this problem would be to do exactly as you say and velcro a piece of padded foam to your deck directly underneath your chest (you should lie on your board and see where you need to place the pad). Another idea would be to talk with your local shaper and have him create a concave in the deck where your protruding bone rests on top of the board. It sounds weird but having the concave would not affect the performance of your board and would effectively allow you to ride pain free.

Has anyone else out there experience something similar?

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Q: Hello my name is Sara, I am a beginner surfer looking to have a custom shape that fits me and i’ve heard from a friend that you can help. The board I have now is a 7.0 longboard thruster. It’s 21 and a quarter wide and 2 5/8 thick. I find that it is hard to paddle, and impossible to duck-dive this board. What i’m looking for is a shape that will be easier to paddle and catch waves with. Yet I don’t want a longer board. I want a board that’s good for a beginner but that I can grow with.

Can you give me some advice?

A: Sara, I’m assuming that a ‘7.0 Longboard thruster’ is a really short longboard/mini tank? Now I see you’re looking for a shape that will paddle and catch waves better without getting something longer. You’re not going to find a board that will paddle and catch waves better than a mini tanker. You could technically get a board around 7ft long and go a bit wider and thicker, say 22″ wide and 3″ thick but you’ll lose some maneuverability. Regarding not being able to duck dive your board, you won’t be able to duck dive it unless you weigh 200+ pounds…there’s just too much board to sink….you’ll have to learn to turtle your board through oncoming waves (flip your board over and hold down the nose will underwater and let the wave pass over your board).

Be aware that the type of board you get is really determined by your skill level and average surf conditions at your local beach. If you’re surfing gutless waves most of the time, I would definitely recommend getting a longboard as you’ll be able to catch a ton more waves, stand up and actually ride the dribbling surf, and have more fun. On the other hand, if you want to stick with something around 7’0, make sure it has enough width and thickness and just keep at it and surf as much as possible. Becoming a competent surfer takes time and lots of practice.

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From Kendra:

Question: Hey, so im in hawaii for 10 days we just arrived…looking to buy a used surf board, i suck…something cheap and for beginners…im thinking maybe a “fish/long or short” around $100.00..where is the best place to do so?

Answer: You should check out our used surfboard listings and contact the individual selling the board. Keep in mind that it costs upwards of $60 to ship a board back home so you may just want to rent something to avoid the hassle of packing, wrapping, and shipping your surfboard. Here are two places that offer rentals: — rentals + used surfboards — rentals

From Jason:

Question: I am going to be on Oahu for three weeks in early January and would like to purchase a used surfboard….as opposed to renting one. I grew up in Hawaii but never really surfed.
I noticed the used Roger Hinds ($225) board on your site……7′-3″length and 2 7/8″ thick……thinking this may be a good choice. Do you have many other used boards at your shop that would be good for me? (6′ and 180lbs)

Answer: Regarding the size of your board, you’re a pretty big guy and I always recommend that beginners learn to surf on a longboard (something over 9’0). The longboard will allow you to paddle much better than the funboard you mentioned and the good thing about a longboard is you can catch tiny waves (the surf isn’t always good). I firmly believe you’ll improve faster and have more fun during the process with a longboard, though it’s not to say you can’t do it with a smaller board…it’s just a lot harder.

All of the boards listed on our site are sold by individual sellers. If you want to pick up a used board and don’t mind traveling all over the island to find one, you should contact the individual selling the board. While finding a board through our used surf board listings can save you quite a bit of money, you’ll lose a lot of time visiting each seller. Because you’re on vacation and time is limited (I’m assuming), you should go to a surf shop in Honolulu and get a used board off the rack Feel free to visit our partner Quality Surfboards. They have a unique selection of boards for sale and rent. Just remember that if you buy a board here, you’ll have to pay a fee to have it shipped with your luggage which could cost over $60 depending on the size of your board.

From Gary:
Question: Will be in Waikiki in 2 weeks. would like to learn to surf and found u through Google. Can u tell me where u are and what I can get in the way of lessons and rental or purchase?

Answer: Please contact either of these two shops for rentals:

For those who have questions on finding a used surfboard on your next trip to Hawaii, or if you have questions about rental surfboards, please
email us.

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I have a “Coastal” surfboard, single fin, good condition. How do I get information on the history and value of these boards? Looking to sell… my son has gone to skateboarding. Thank you, in a advance , for any help.

Anyone have a clue? Please post a comment if you have information. Mahalo!

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My boyfriend used to surf with a Krahn board.  It has been with him forever and has been repaired so many times that it is finally being retired.  He’d love another one, and I wanted to surprise him, but I can’t find one anywhere.  Any suggestions?  Do they still make them anymore?

Attention surfers, can anyone help her out?

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These were given to me by the owner who had them stored on rafters since he stopped surfing 2-3 decades ago. They are pretty NICE. I am going to sell only one. Whichever one brings the most $$. One is a signed Frye and I believe they are both numbered. My friend surfed with Skip in Mexico before his knees gave out. He is an old timer. I was offered 4grand for both of them but believe they are worth more.

Anyone have any idea what they’re worth?

Posting’s here for anyone interested:

More Photos